Identity Elements in the Traditional Architecture of Iranian Houses (Case Study of Sheikh-al-Islam House)

Document Type : Original Article


1 Ph.D. Student of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture, Islamic Azad University, Isfahan Branchد(Khorasgan), Isfahan, Iran.

2 Ph.D. Student of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture, Islamic Azad University, Isfahan Branch (Khorasgan), Isfahan, Iran.


With the arrival of cultural factors and design patterns of other countries, Especially in western countries, culture and the identity of the Iranian community, there has also been a change; Therefore, today the discussion about identity and cultural factors has been considered in various scientific branches. Since one of the methods of studying the identity of a society is the attention to the elements of space organization and its relation with the culture of society, In order to identify the identity of the traditional Iranian society, the study of cultural identity elements and design patterns in traditional Iranian architecture seems to be a good way. This article is sought after to identifying components in the traditional architecture of Iranian houses and examine the appearance of identity elements in the traditional architecture elements of houses in Iran. The combined research methodology includes descriptive, analytical methods of case study type. In this way, the subject of research has been studied using field observations and library studies. At the beginning, a definition of identity and Identity creation was given in architecture, and then a sample of these traditional houses called Sheikh-al-Islam house was studied. And the result of this study shows that in the design of traditional Iranian houses, the architect is familiar with the identity elements, for example, national and religious values ​​and so on.