Guide for Authors


This journal does not receive any money for receipt and publishing articles.


The article should meet the following requirements:

  Title: be short and precise and should not be repetitive, poetic or ambiguous.

 Abstract: should include questions, the necessity of the study, an objective, the method of research and a conclusion.

 Academic format: includes a comprehensive introduction about the subject, background information, questions, the hypothesis and the method of research.

 The Main Body: includes topics raised to prove or reject the main hypothesis.

 Conclusion: includes answers to the main questions the study has raised and an outright acceptance or rejection of the hypothesis. Conclusion does not include introduction, references or reasons.

 How to present your articles

 Articles must be typed on a white A4 page with Microsoft Word (Arial format, size 13). They should not have any misspellings or scratches and should amount to approximately 3000-4000 words (without considering tables, images, or graphs which may be included in 8 pages English languages.

 On a separate page must be written the title of the article, the complete name and title of its author, the name of the institution or organization he/she is working with, and the author’s complete postal address, electronic mail and contact number.

 The article’s title must be written in less than 20 words. The abstract must be written in more than 300 words and the keywords should not exceed five.

 Some six illustrations/ figures are referred and documented relevant to the analyzing process of the paper. All of these are saved as JPEG – 300 dpi resolution format.

 Names, abbreviations, equivalents, and explanatory notes must appear at the end of the article under an appendix.

 Basic in-text referencing; (author’s surname, year: page)

 References list of the article must be written in the following order:

 Book: surname, name of author. (Date of first publication). Title. (Publication date of current book) name of translator, place of publication: publisher.


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