About Journal

The journal of SOCIO-SPATIAL Studies has been published since 2017 in English, and used to be published as International Journal of Architectural and Urban Studies in Iran in the form of a bi-quarterly journal, with an interdisciplinary approach and with Dr. Seyed Yaghoub Mousavi as the editor-in-chief. The publisher of this journal is Shabestan Architectural and Urban Research Institute that has started its activity since 2011 by a license issued from the Ministry of Science and Technology in the fields of architecture and urban planning. One of the main activities of this institute is concluding research and holding seminars on common areas of architecture, urbanism and social sciences. This part of the activities is conducted in the "Space and Society Studies" department of this institute under supervision of faculty members of this department.

After four years of experience in journal publishing, the executives have decided to develop and increase the journal activities. In this regard, it was decided that the same interdisciplinary approach be continued more specifically with the publication of joint articles in the field of space and society. Moreover, the order of publication would be changed from bi-quarterly to quarterly. The contents would also be available electronically in the open access journal to the addressees and enthusiasts to attract more researchers. The main purpose of this development is to collect high quality articles and to index them in international scientific databases. The subjects of this journal is based on common areas of space, place, cultural and social studies.

Addressing the space related issues and concepts including:

Space and social dynamics - Space and social development - Space and crime - Space and gender - Space and social theories - Space and social inequality - Space and social justice -Spaces and social interactions -Space and social capital

As well as analyzing and reviewing:

Cultural factors, and the design and construction patterns of settlements - Social issues and developmental plans - Neighborhood development in urban spaces - Social spaces  of habitation in micro-scale settlements - Space networks in the urban-space scale in the era of globalization -The sociology of electronics spaces / Electronic city - The approach of sociology of modern architecture - Sociological approaches to architectural design - The sociological approach to architectural and desirable urban spaces - Architectural systems and cultural patterns - Architectural systems and cultural and social infrastructures - Cultural Landscape studies

Digital Archive of the articles in this journal are stored on internal databases such as Sinaweb.

Using the articles of this magazine is possible with the condition of mentioning the source.


The manuscript submission, refereeing and publication processing are Free of charge.