Characters privacy of Isfahan Traditional Housing

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Ph.D. Student of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture, Islamic Azad University, Isfahan Branchد(Khorasgan), Isfahan, Iran.


Traditional Iranian houses, especially Esfahan, have very special cultural patterns, such as privacy entrance but contemporary houses in Isfahan, because of changes in the methods of designing and building houses, importance of entrance reduced to such level that now in contemporary houses entrance is just a door. Entrance correlates indoor safe space of house and outdoors. It`s importance lays in controlling entry, exit, territory and hierarchy. Since house owners were satisfied with traditional form of entrance, it is a good idea to learn from them in designing new entrances. The purpose of this research is to find a way for designing appropriate entrances for Isfahan contemporary houses.  Isfahan city is from margin of desert and the origin of traditional houses. Analysis showed that blockage of visual and phonic relation, creating a space between outdoor public space and indoor private space, creating access patterns to internal spaces and traits that separate in and out were the most significant properties of traditional entrances. All these traits are ignored in contemporary entrances. Suggestions made for design include creating public meeting space in yard and creating a separate entrance space for each house in apartments.