Recognition of Dimensions of Sustainable Architecture (Case study; New Shoushtar Residential complex)

Document Type : Original Article


1 Faculty of Architecture, Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands

2 Shabestan Architectural and Urban Studies Research Center (SHAUR), Tehran, Iran.


The main purpose in this research is recognition of dimensions of sustainable architecture. Today, one of the most necessary complicated and delicate specifications of architecture that architects face with is the issue of stability in various types of its comments and interpretations. The issue of sustainability is interpretable and general from many aspects. Therefore, it is necessary to recognize the qualified of this adjective (architecture and its related categories). In the record of bringing this discussion up, we face with titles such as Green architecture2, Sustainable development3, etc. But the purpose of this article is the study of the nature and recognizing the circumstances and essence of sustainability in all fields that architecture involves in. The innovation of this study is attentive to creating the recognition and feeling the fact of dimensions of sustainability that is studied in procedure of library research, a case sample, and proposal of common but insufficient ideas related to this discussion. This article is devoted to 3 point of views including main environmental, cultural (value), and technical, and it tries to take the proposed topics under the subjection of this 3 factors in an orderly way (presenting a modern pattern) and the minor factors are studied under the subjection of these 3  main factors.