Domination of closed rentier networks on Tehran’s urban management

Document Type : Original Article


1 Alzahra University

2 associate professor of Urban planning, Alzahra University



Tehran as a complex and unique metropolis faces many structural challenges, numerous problems in its urban management. Tehran’s urban management system struggles with different urban problems such as sociological, economical , geographical , environmental, design & urbanization. On the other hand Tehran boosts of having elites in different fields of area planning. Elites that seem to have solutions and ideas in order to fix or diminish existing problems . Evidence shows that vast majority of consultations, conferences & meetings are held in order to improve interaction between elites and city’s urban management. What evident is that the results and finding of these actions are not used; in city’s urban planning. Tehran city planners manage the city on their own whims and likenesses. This research illustrates the grounded theory incorporation with interviews of twenty professionals and experts of their respected fields in urban knowledge; and uses their knowledge and experties in order to study them in the method of coding and analysis. These findings show that urban management system is a conflict zone for different groups in order to reach “closed rentier networks”. In this structural conflicts in order to profit from the economical , political, informational, judicial rentiers; which makes Tehran the main victim. This process only increases and expands the domination of the totalitarians in the urban fields and squizes out the elites with the right mindset and approach.