Examining common features of Persian gardens and healing gardens

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1 Department of architecture,Faculty of archtecture & urbanism, Shahid Rajaie teacher training university,tehran,iran.

2 Department of architecture, Faculty of architecture & urbanism, Shahid Rajaie teacher training university, Tehran, Iran



Nowadays, after redirection of medical sciences from sterile and artificial spaces to the natural environment and changing treatment approaches from purely microscopic and local studies to a holistic approach about the process of treatment and recovery, special attention has been given to the design of the healing environments. The use of healing gardens has also been expanded in hospital grounds. The features and characteristics of Iranian gardens classify them among the healing gardens. Attention to the various physical, mental and psychological characteristics of human beings who have to recreate in this garden has been embodied in the delicacy of the body. In this study, common features of Persian gardens and healing gardens are investigated. This descriptive-analytical study is of a practical-theoretical nature. In identifying the process, the literature on the subject is reviewed first and the features of the Persian gardens and the healing gardens are examined and finally the common aspects are reviewed. Due to the features of Persian garden and its characteristics, they have a lot in common with the modern healing gardens and can be considered as a base for Iranian healing gardens. With regard to the Iranian identity and historical background as well as their eco-design, its properties can be used to enrich the healing gardens. In this way, we may take a step closer to using the most of our country''''''''s valuable heritage.